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Event Recap: Summer Night Downtown Art Walk – Auburn, AL

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A Summer Night on The Plains


Downtown Auburn | June 7th, 2019

For the past 13 years, Downtown Auburn has come together to host a creative evening featuring local & regional artists, live music, shopping, children’s activities and even a culinary contest. The city closes off parts of Magnolia Ave. and College St. around Toomer’s Corner from 6-10pm for vendors to set up their tents and tables in the streets to allow for the complete ‘Art Walk’ experience. Families, college students, alumni and out-of-town visitors all take to the streets for this fun-filled night. Restaurants participate by providing drink specials and to-go drinks (the event is classified as an ‘Entertainment District,’ granting the 21+ crowd the option to stroll the streets drink-in-hand for this special night), and many shops stay open late and participate by featuring discounts for this special evening . It’s one of Auburn’s most fun cultural events of the year, and perhaps the best celebration of creativity the Plains has to offer!

This year I had the pleasure of attending the event as Made By Isabela Photography where I was able to showcase my photography prints in person, to a live crowd for the very first time. My attending the event was made possible by my favorite boutique in Auburn, Wrapsody. Shops in the Downtown area often invite an artist or food vendor to attend the event & set up in front of their location in an effort to maximize the success of the Art Walk. This year, Wrapsody had both myself and Chimney Sauces in attendance while they kept their doors open late for Art Walk attendees and even offered a 15% off store-wide discount as well as 75% off on select clothing. Featuring taste testers of their delicious Chimney Rock hot sauce, Chimney Sauces was a total hit! Lucky for you, Wrapsody carries Chimney Sauces in store so you can stop by today and grab yourself a bottle (or two).

In a big, white tent in front of Wrapsody directly next Chimney Sauces was Made By Isabela Photography. In hopes of learning which of my products are most appealing, I brought a variety of large, small, framed, unframed, nature, travel, black & white and bold-colored prints to be sold. I had very little expectations going into the Art Walk (seeing as how it was my first art event ever), so it was truly wonderful being able to observe which photographs stood out and were ultimately picked up to be purchased. I am so delighted by the responses I got from both passerby’s just taking a look, as well as those who stopped to chat for a while about travels and photography tips! Prints like Butterflies, In the Clouds, Mr. Cow, Golden Bee II & Super Moon were obvious favorites. The Spain series generated much attention as well, but it seems I will need to travel to Italy in the near future in order to satisfy the many people asking for prints of the beautiful European country! If you were one of those lovely people, I promise Italy is on the top of my travel list! (Along with Scotland, Hawaii, Australia & many more). Check back for updates!

All in all, the Summer Night Downtown Art Walk turned out to be a fantastic experience. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend (again, thank you Wrapsody). I want to personally thank all of you that not only took the time flip through the piles of prints, but also those who felt so compelled to purchase some. I am overjoyed at the thought of my art filling the walls of your homes! This summer night in Auburn brought me loads of joy, and that is the exact reason why I started Made By Isabela—with the hope of spreading joy through the creative process.

So, thank you again… Thank you to Downtown Auburn, thank you to Wrapsody and thank YOU for making this Art Walk such a success!

Til next time with love,

Isabela Sanchez-Navarro